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Time Is Limited

There will never be more than twenty-four hours in a day and seven days in a week. Time is precious because it is always slipping away. Unfortunately, most people spend half of their waking hours working for money. Yes, money is essential. However, the amount of time dedicated to working for money is disproportionate to the time that people dedicate to the priorities in their lives.

Working For Money Steals Time From Priorities

What experiences could each of us have with our friends and families if we could work less? How many of us would rather see our kids’ dance recitals than be on a work trip? How regrettable would it be to have to work instead of spending time with a loved one that just got diagnosed with cancer?

Investing In Assets Helps To Reclaim Time

For most people, it is inevitable that they will have to use a significant portion of their lives just to earn enough to live. However, there is a way to reclaim the time that would be spent working for money.  Imagine having a small check show up in your mailbox every month without any extra effort. It may start as $5 a month–not life changing. Each year, however, the monthly check gets bigger. Ten dollars, then $20, then $100, then $300. How would your life change if that check became $5,000 each month? Would you have to keep working overtime to pay the mortgage or to pay off a car? Could you take a week off of work to help your neighbor recover from a car accident? Could you afford to go back to school for a more fulfilling career? What else could you do with your time if you had a constant stream of money?

Those magical checks do happen to those who know how to invest. People can buy things called assets. Assets pay a regular income. The more assets that a person has, the more income that can be produced without punching a time clock. Buying assets is called investing, and HardWorkingDollar.com is intended to teach investing.

Learn To Invest In Assets

Visit this site each week to learn with other investors. Assess if you are spending too much time working for money or if you have your money working for you. Learn to find and to evaluate assets to build your income stream. When your assets start to free you to live a fulfilling life, please return to this community to share what you have learned about making your money work for you.