About Hard Working Dollar

Welcome to HardWorkingDollar.com

My name is Josh, and this is my website that is dedicated to teaching people how to invest. While there are many online resources that teach about general financial planning and investing, there are very few which try to help people understand the fundamental principles of investing. This blog will go beyond saying, “buy index funds and then stop thinking about it.” If a person is going to risk money in an investment, then there needs to be an understanding of why those investments are good or not.

If you have ever wondered how to invest $10, $100, $1000, or more, than this website will “teach you how to fish.” The point is not to say that you should invest in a particular investment, but rather to help you to find and evaluate investments that fit your financial goals. Popular financial and investment gurus on the internet all add valuable information, but most give cookie cutter advice that does not help people fulfill their goals.

This website is not for everyone. Some people do not need to worry about where their next dollar will come from. Some people prefer to put their entire retirement in someone else’s hands and to never think about money again. Some people have plenty of money to waste on financial mistakes. For the rest of us, this website will help us discover how some people can retire earlier than their colleagues. It is meant to show how people get ahead in life. It is meant to show how some people can leave for a six-month vacation and return with even more money than before they left.

If you want your money to work hard for you, then HardWorkingDollar.com was made for you.